The most pioneering anti-magnetic Rolex replica watches online

Magnetism is the invisible force that threatens your mechanical super clone watch on a daily basis. Something as simple as your iPhone could affect it’s accuracy, which is why many modern accuracy standards, the likes of METAS, subject the movements to highly potent magnetic fields. Nowadays, with anti-magnetic materials and other modern tech, magnetism is not as big of a threat as in the past, and we have the following five anti-magnetic fake watches online to thank. Some of these made a splash in history, and promptly disappeared, merely serving as inspiration for current models, while the legacy of others has been nurtured through the years, with updates to existing designs.

The cheap fake Rolex Milgauss was the crown’s entry into the world of anti-magnetic watches, developing the 6541 references in 1956, following an initial run of only a few hundred pieces from 1954 as the reference 6543. The signature lightning bolt seconds hand was present from the get-go, as this watch came to be more than a proof of concept, meant to accompany CERN researches with watches that would not be affected by the facility’s magnetic fields. Today, these high quality replica watches are hugely collectible, owing to their low popularity and production numbers upon release.

That brings us to the current, still-available 1:1 fake Rolex Milgauss. Available with either a black or Z-Blue dial, the Milgauss has long featured on people’s wish lists as the piece that is due a re-design from luxury replica Rolex. By including a ferromagnetic alloy shield within the case, the Milgauss is able to live up to its name – 1,000 Gauss of magnetic resistance.