Swiss Made Fake Rolex And Omega Replica Watches For Sale

Start with a fake Rolex Day-Date 18238

The perfect replica Rolex Day-Date was on my wish list for an incredibly long time. Ever since I had one on my wrist for a couple of days in the early 2000s, it was very difficult to get it out of my head. I finally bought mine in early 2022, and owning the luxury fake Rolex Day-Date in yellow gold has lived up to my expectations. It’s an easy watch to wear as it goes with virtually everything, and the modest 36mm case size makes it very comfortable as well.

I bought the 1:1 fake Rolex Day-Date ref. 18238, which has a double quickset function, and always wear it on the gold President bracelet. I can see why so many people have this as their only watch. A pre-owned Swiss super clone Rolex Day-Date ref. 1803 can be had for just over €10K, but if you want a five-digit model with a sapphire crystal, double quickset, and not too much stretch on the bracelet, expect to pay around €17,000.

A vintage replica Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022
That leaves me with €8,000 to spend. At this point, I think condition is the most important thing when it comes to high quality replica watches. You can always hunt for a bargain or the cheapest buy, but you’ll likely end up with a bunch of watches that will always have some kind of flaw. I also have to agree with the guys over at Amsterdam Vintage Watches that I’d rather have a copy watch in impeccable condition than one in mediocre condition with its box and papers.

For this €8,000, I would buy a nice vintage watch, probably an aaa quality fake Omega Speedmaster. And I’d get the best vintage Speedmaster that money can buy for this sum, which would likely be a decent reference 145.022. Our friends at Davidoff Brothers have a nice Omega 145.022-78 replica for sale from 1981 that fits the budget.