A Collector’s Story: The Luxury Omega Constellation Replica Watches

Fake Omega Constellation collection
The perfect fake Omega Constellation holds a special place in RJ’s heart, including the models from the 1980s and 1990s that are definitely not for everyone. It could be said that it all started with the Constellation he received for his graduation in 1998. However, in truth, it had already begun long before that; when he noticed the watches on his parents and grandparents also being luxury replica Omega Constellation models.

Up till the Constellation Double Eagle
RJ explains that he loves most 1:1 fake Omega Constellations, from the early 1952 one that is featured in the video to the Constellation ’95 models that were in the catalog till around 2003. After that, the Constellation watches became a bit too bulky. But in 2015, when AAA quality replica Omega introduced the Globemaster collection in the Constellation family, he was pulled right back in.