2 of the best ana-digi replica watches uk for men

The term “ana-digi” can be a little confusing, but it’s simply this: ana-digi fake watches for men combine an analog main time display (i.e. an hours and seconds hand, at least) with digital display(s) for additional functions. The term is almost always used to denote quartz watches which integrate LCD displays into traditional analogue dials.

Now, there are a lot of watch enthusiasts who can’t see the point of hybridising analogue and digital replica watches online uk. After all, wouldn’t you want something that clings either to tradition or purely to function? Well, watches are a more complicated accessory than that. We don’t always like them to do just one thing, and sometimes having the best and the worst of both worlds can still lead to great results. To prove it, here are 2 of the best ana-digi copy watches.

Fake Breitling Aerospace EVO
Just because perfect replica Breitling has been refining their collections in recent years, doesn’t mean they’ve lost any of their bulky ‘80s flair. The cheap fake Breitling Aerospace EVO is a golden example of how totally outdated styles can still be cool, and although it’s had some changes, it clearly shows its lineage from 1985. The crown can be used to activate a 1/100th of a second chronograph, plus other digital features like alarms and calendars, while the rest of the steel case bears all the hallmarks of a luxury pilot’s copy watch. Even the bracelet has some quirky charms with angled links standing out significantly. Price: A$5,990

Replica Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33

As you could probably guess from its franchise-associated name, the aaa quality replica Omega Speedster Skywalker X-33 is inspired by science fiction as well as real space travel. Given that high quality fake Omega UK is an authority on watches in space, having been partnered with NASA since the ‘60s, they know exactly what an astronaut needs on their wrist as technology evolves. Its design is derivative of the Swiss movement copy Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch we all know and love, but features a 45mm titanium case and a digital display occupying a large section of the dial. The dark grey is seamlessly integrated so it looks like the numerals are floating in place, giving you quick access to the chronograph, world time, alarm, and perpetual calendar functions. Price: A$9,650