Best Quality Fake Omega Speedmaster Moonphase indicator and calendar

Connected to the date is the moonphase complication that can be found on certain Speedmasters. The first 1:1 replica Omega Speedmasters to feature a moonphase indicator was introduced in 1985, including a Teutonic model with this complication. The 1985 models used perfect fake Omega’s caliber 866, which was based on the Lemania movement with a moonphase and date module on top.

Then, from 1999 onwards, luxury replica Omega reintroduced the moonphase complication in the Speedmaster Professional series. First was a white gold model and, later, two different steel Speedmaster Broad Arrow watches based on the “Replica” 3594.50. The 1985 moonphase-equipped aaa quality fake Omega Speedmaster Professional, also dubbed “SpeedyMoon,” was reintroduced in 2003 and stayed in production in 2017. Since 1999, all these models used the caliber 1866, a modernized caliber 866.

Besides the 42mm Professional-based models, Swiss movement replica Omega also used the moonphase complication in the 1990s Reduced-based watches (reference 3330.20, for example) in both steel/gold and full gold. Then, in 2016, Omega super clone online also started to produce a series of 44.25mm Speedmaster watches with the in-house-developed caliber 9904 featuring a calendar and moonphase complication. In today’s Speedmaster catalog, you will still find several 44.25mm models (referred to as the Speedmaster Two Counters) with a moonphase complication. These cheap fake Omega Speedmaster moonphase watches start at €12,400.